Welcome to Globally Noted; where International Cultures collide and travel is at your fingertips.

This is a place for you to share your stories of travel, friendship, and new experiences. Come as strangers, yet leave as friends.


Our story 

After returning from living in a different culture, I realized that adjusting to "normal" life was much harder than expected. Globally Noted is here to help connect the dots between people returning from cross-cultural living and those who never left. Often times communication is strained or shut off all-together, and we are here to help "bridge the gap", so to speak. In addition to opening waves of communication, it is also my desire to encourage and inspire families to incorporate a global mindset into their daily lives. There is so much to learn from people across the globe, so let's explore together and see what we can find! 


Our recipes

Growing up, my dad and I had a tradition to "spin the globe" and create a dish based on the country that we landed on. This fun tradition was a great way to learn about other cultures through their customary foods and include the whole family while doing so! So take a step away from the boring meals and step into a whole new world of deliciousness. These recipes are simple enough for the whole family to get involved and create together!