Welcome to the Globally Noted blog! I am so thankful you have taken time to visit. I hope that you get acquainted with our site and become part of the community of folks who love other cultures and seek to understand one another.. 

Since this is our first post, it only seems fitting to introduce myself. My name is Samantha Couick (Cow-ick) and I am wife to Bradley Couick, going on 10 months! Brad has been a huge part of this whole thing and he continually encourages me to not give up. To all of you who have supported me in this, Thank you! 

About two years ago I had the opportunity to live in Hungary for a year as an English teacher and I absolutely loved it. It's always been my heart to learn about different countries and what makes them unique. Even in elementary school I started a club just for the sake of learning about Africa with my friends! 

Over the past couple of years I have been trying to think of ways to incorporate my passions and gifting in a way that can help others.  Finally just a few short months ago I finally was given the idea to begin a place that can serve as a resource for families, individuals, and small groups who just want to learn and understand friends and neighbors better while hopefully having fun! 

There are several parts to this site. We have resources: Instagram, Activities, and Recipes and a blog that will also serve as a resource. The idea for recipes began when I was in high school and my dad and I started "spinning the globe" every Sunday night. Each time we would pull out our globe from the shelf, I'd close my eyes and he would spin the globe. I would then place my finger on the globe and wherever it landed, we would make a dish from that country! This fun tradition was something I looked forward to every week as it always brought about a fun project to work on with my dad. Sometimes the recipes were amazing, and other times they weren't quite my favorite, but each time a great memory was made. After seeing how much my dad and I enjoyed doing this, it is my hope to pass on the tradition to whomever would like to accept. Cooking together as a family is a great way to bond with each other, or whomever you are cooking with! 

Our second resource that is available is our Activities. This page will host a number of ideas of activities to learn about the featured country of the week. The activities will range from coloring pages, dances, music, words to learn and things to create. Each idea is geared towards learning one aspect of the culture and engaging your children or friends while doing so. 

Lastly, our blog will include interviews, questions, and stories all with the end goal of creating a bridge of communication between those who have lived overseas and those who have not. When I returned from Hungary I realized that people's lives had moved on while I was gone. None of us were the same people, yet we expected one another to be the same. This led to frustration and heartache. I don't want anyone to experience this struggle so it is our goal to help each other communicate from both sides of the spectrum. This resource can be for small groups who have a member returning from another country, families who have a family member returning, or people who just have an interest in understand people around them better. 

This world is an amazing place and we all have unique stories to tell. Rather than calling each other "weird" let's join together and see the beauty in what is unknown. There is something thrilling about engaging new places and it is my hope that people can begin doing that together! I would love for you to join me in this journey to love others and communicate better, one recipe, blog, and activity at a time. 


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