Swan Lake, Germany

our story

Globally Noted is the culmination of experiences, passion and the desire to share life with others. As a kid I grew up in a family that valued cross-cultural work and allowed me to experience it at the early age of 9. My first trip was to Oaxaca, Mexico and while there, I saw for the first time in my life the brokenness and poverty in the world. I also realized that those people were happy even without having the latest and greatest toy, or even clothes to wear. After a week of bonding with other children who's language I did not speak, I desired to learn more. Fast forward to my 7th grade year when my family went on another trip to San Salvador, El Salvador. Yet again my heart was wrecked by the poverty and living conditions of these people. The joy that I shared with these people was inexpressible, and I wanted to help others receive that same joy through a relationship with The Father.

My next experience was going on another trip to Thessaloniki, Greece, where our team was able to share the good news with students our age. Though they were not living in a poverty stricken land, they still needed a relationship with The Father. In 12th grade, my step-dad and I, along with another team travelled down to Nicaragua to host kids camps and encourage the families who lived there. Through all my experiences growing up, I was learning how The Father loves all people: young, old, poor, rich, dirty, or clean. I am thankful for the many experiences my parents have allowed me to have because I truly believe it has changed the trajectory of my life.

When college came around, I decided to go to the College at Southeastern to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies. It only seemed natural to continue studying and growing in my passion for other cultures. During my early twenties I was given the opportunity to teach English for a year in a small town in Western Hungary. While there I had the opportunity to travel to many countries and experience the wonderful unique aspects of culture!

Upon returning to the States, I had a very difficult time adjusting back into "normal" life. My family was happy I was home, as was I, but something just wasn't clicking. I didn't know how to express the many things I had gone through, or what I was going through, and they did not know what to ask about my time overseas. When one returns from another culture, it is difficult to explain to others your amazing experiences. Sometimes people will sit and listen to your stories, but many times people will simply ask, "How was your trip" and three minutes later change the topic to something completely different.

My return experience led to thinking about how to help others during their adjustment period. Globally Noted was born out of the desire to bridge the gap between people who left and those who didn't. No one wants to feel alone or unable to communicate. Globally Noted was created to help people know how to express their thoughts and aid others in asking questions. It is my hope to create a community where people can share stories, recipes, and photos from their favorite places on earth.